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Group protests outside municipal offices

Protesters demanded better enforcement of development regulations.

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The Urban Citizen Network held a protest outside the Panama City Municipal Offices in San Felipe yesterday to demand the compliance with laws regulating development.

The organization was accompanied by residents of El Carmen, in Bella Vista, who oppose the decision to allow the occupation of the Scala building.

There are people from some 35 communities who are part of the network.

On Aug. 18, the third chamber of the Supreme Court annulled two resolutions regarding the environmental impact studies for the construction of the 20-story building.

However, the Legal Affairs Committee of the Municipal Council approved a resolution to allow the Mayor's Office to make a decision about whether or not an occupation certificate can be granted for the project. The proposal will be subject to a vote today by the full council.

Because of this, the network said that this is an opportunity for a ''historical precedent'' regarding urban planning laws.

"It will prevent petty and personal interests from prevailing over the majority," said the network in a press release.

Network President Maria Chavez said that the project was widely opposed since the time it was proposed. At the same time, families who bought apartments in the building have also announced they will be demonstrating to demand that they be allowed to occupy their homes.


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