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Roberto Roy urged to take action on Corcione

The businessman has been absent from a number of ACP board meetings.

Spanish version

Administration Prosecutor Rigoberto Gonzalez has warned Panama Canal Authority (ACP) Board of Directors Chairman Roberto Roy that he must report the absences of member Nicholas Corcione to the presidency to determine if he should be suspended or removed.

Under Article 20 of the Organic Law of the Panama Canal, the president has the authority to suspend or remove a board member for continued absences.

National Authority of Transparency and Access to Information Director Maytín Angelica has also called for action to be taken in this case, saying that "it is unsustainable for a member to be absent. One can abstain from a meeting due to a conflict of interest, but not indefinitely."

Roy, who is out of the country, said he would analyze the issue.

Corcione is being investigated for the alleged crime of money laundering in connection with accounts linked to former Supreme Court Alejandro Moncada Luna. In a letter dated Aug. 16, Corcione informed Roy of his decision to take a leave of absence from the board to address the charges. However, lawyers for Corcione have also argued that he can not be investigated by the Public Ministry due to his membership on the board.

While that motion has not yet been decided, the argument would no longer be valid if he was suspended or removed.

González has argued that the leave requested by Corcione is not valid because it can't be made for an indefinite period of time.

"It is a requirement of board members to attend meetings and fulfill the responsibilities for which they were assigned," he said.


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