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Three proposals submitted for control tower project

It will cost $250,000.

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The airport in Chilibre will get a control tower. The airport in Chilibre will get a control tower.
The airport in Chilibre will get a control tower. David Mesa

The Civil Aeronautics Authority (AAC) received three proposals for the study, design and construction of the control tower at the Captain Alex H. Bósquez Airport in Chilibre.

The airport is used in the training of new pilots.

Alfredo Fonseca Mora, director of the AAC, commented that the control tower will allow a better control over the activities carried out at the airport. Additionally, this control tower will be used for the training of new air traffic controllers.

The tender has a reference price of $250,000 and the submission of proposals is set for March 17, a date that could vary if the companies interested in the work request more time to the AAC to prepare their proposals.

The companies Grupo Trugar, BCN Distribución and Sofratesa participated. The latter is also participating in the tender made by the AAC for the construction of a new air traffic control center, which would cost around $10 million.

The height of the control tower will be obtained from the study carried out by the selected company, but the structure must have a closed area of 800 square meters. In addition, the building should allow air traffic controllers to have a 360 degree view, as well as the facility to be able to observe the full extent of the runway.

The airport is also being fenced.


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