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Panameñistas confirm support for De León


Panameñista Deputy Luis Barria said today that his party would like to continue the legislative alliance with the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD).

But he also said the party will not support the candidacy of PRD Deputy Crispiano Adames for the presidency of the National Assembly, as the PRD caucus has demanded. Instead, the Panameñistas are supporting PRD Deputy Rubén De León.

That prompted the PRD leadership to seek an alliance with the Democratic Change (CD) party.

"We are supporting a candidate of the PRD party. We hope that they can reach agreement," Barria said.

If no agreement is reached, Barria said that the party is prepared to assume a minority position in the assembly.

"We are used to governing with an adverse assembly," he added.

De León is supported by at least six members of the PRD caucus, while the other 20 members are supporting Adames.

Upon his arrival at the legislature, PRD Deputy Dale Iracema said that: "We are going to vote for our candidate, and that is Crispiano Adames."

On the other hand, PRD Deputy Javier Ortega said that supporting De León will prevent a political collapse. He added that his party needs to change to survive.

"We can save ourselves now or continue dying with the leadership we have," he said. "Whatever happens, we have to consider what is best for the good of the country."

Deputy Leandro Avila, who also supports De León, said that whatever the outcome, the overall goal needs to be continuing to manage the country's affairs with transparency.

PRD Deputy Samir Gozaine said that it is not a matter of votes, "but reaching a common good." For this reason he called for a dialogue between the three parties.


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