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Request made to investigate political donations by Odebrecht

The Brazilian company has been linked to political campaigns in several countries, including Panama.

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Political and civic groups have urged prosecutors to open an inquiry into allegations that Brazilian construction company Odebrecht made political donations to the ruling CD party in the 2014 election.

Brazilian political strategist João Santana has admitted to prosecutors that he was paid by Odebrecht to work on several campaigns, though he denied where knowing where the money came from to pay his salary when he worked in Panama for CD candidate José Domingo Arias. Odebrecht has won a number of contracts from Panama during the last three administrations.

PRD Secretary General Carlos Pérez Herrera said that inquiries need to be made into these payments and whether the firm made other donations.

"It is worthwhile to investigate these statements, it deserves an investigation," he said.

He said that the current government has continued to give contracts to Odebrecht despite the company's link to corruption probes in other countries.

Panameñista Deputy Luis Eduardo Quirós pointed out that the investigations being carried out in Brazil could help Panamanian authorities determine if there were any irregularities in the Arias campaign.

CD Deputy José Muñoz, who was part of the Arias campaign team, said he was not connected to any of the financial matters.

"I was determining where to bring the candidate," he said. "Financial issues did not correspond to me."

Arias has refused to speak on the matter.


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