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Decision to send team to Brazil questioned


Magaly Castillo, of the Citizen's Alliance for Justice, said that what has happened in Brazil is shameful and that the actions of the Attorney General has damaged the image of the country.

According to Castillo, the Public Ministry must explain why it sent a delegation to Brazil without scheduling meetings in advance or notifying that country of the trip. The delegation, which was going to discuss the Lava Jato case, met with officials Tuesday, but was unable to have any further discussions.

Annette Planells, of the Independent Movement, said that "it saddens and worries us greatly that Panama has played a role in this case that has still not been explained."

She pointed out that the strained relationship between Panama and Brazil over this country's lack of response to a request for judicial assistance filed 18 months ago is troubling.

"It increases the distrust in our institutions at a moment when we are exposed to rigorous international scrutiny," Planells said.

Carlos Gasnell, of Transparency International, said that the attorney general needs to explain why the request for judicial assistance has been ignored, and why there was a need to send a delegation in the first place.

"Although the message that it wanted to send was one of a willingness to cooperate, the perception that remains is one of a lack of cooperation," he said.


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