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Panama defeats Martinique in Gold Cup

REUTERS/Marcus Donner
El delantero panameño Gabriel Torres (Izq.) marcó el gol de la victoria.

12/07/2013 - Panama defeated Martinique 1-0 last night to continue its strong start in the Gold Cup being played in the United States.

Gabriel Torres scored on a penalty in the 85th minute to give Panama the victory. Martinique was playing with only 10 men after Jacky Berdix was ejected in the 72nd minute for his second yellow card of the match.

The game was played in Seattle.

Panama Coach Julio Dely Valdés said the turning point in the game was the ejection. That opened the game up for Panama, and Jairo Jiménez gave Panama the penalty when he was tackled in the penalty area.

Torres has now scored three times in the first two games of the competition, accounting for all of Panama's goals. He scored twice against Mexico in Panama's 2-1 victory Sunday.

Panama is assured of advancing to the next round as it leads the group with six points. Martinique and Mexico, which defeated Canada 2-0 yesterday, both have three and Canada has zero.

Panama plays Canada in its last game Sunday.

"We came into the event with the motto of winning this match and moving on to the next phase, and thank God we were able to do so," commented Torres.

"The first half was even and in the second half we were superior to them; We are in the next phase, but we have to keep winning," he added.



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