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Chancellor defends actions of president


23/07/2013 - Chancellor Fernando Núñez Fábrega today defended the actions of President Ricardo Martinelli in his handling of the case involving North Korean ship Chong Chon Gang.

"[Martinelli] had an obligation to be there and monitor what was taking place," said Nuñez Fabrega, after criticisms about the role of President Martinelli in the inspection and disposal of containers from the North Korean vessel.

He emphasized that the president is responsible for foreign policy and the legal representative of the country. So, it would be absurd that he not be on the scene for a first-hand look at the vessel and not rely on third-party reports.

According to Núñez Fábrega, what has bothered his opponents is that Martinelli has taken a leading role on this issue. But the chancellor said the president "cannot simply sit in the palace and be told what is happening."

The president participated has published pictures and details of the investigation on his Twitter account, which has been criticized by some.


Last Thursday, the Argentine daily Clarin published an article criticizing Martinelli for his actions in the investigation, saying he was looking to benefit politically from the event.

"He saw the opportunity to get out in the international news," the newspaper said.

Meanwhile, on Friday, the Los Angeles Times published an analysis that concluded that the raid was more a drama than danger. It said that Martinelli likes to appear and participate in major seizures like this as it gives him the opportunity to stage a public relations event.


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