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Blandón presents "right of reply" law

Manuel Vega Loo
José Isabel Blandón

During the second debate of the draft law reforming the Electoral Code, Panameñista Legislator José Isabel Blandón presented a draft bill to reform the law which regulates the right of reply.
Blandón proposed the law so people would have equal treatment under cover of constitutional guarantees of the right of reply. He explained that the proposal was being made because the existing law was not clear which judicial authority should address the protection of the right.
He said during his presentation that the proposal would protect the right of citizens, an din particular the freedom of speech. He said the government should not put limitations or obstacles in the way of this right.

However, he argued, that the right also carries with it duties, and one of those duties is objectivity and impartiality, which is why he thinks the right of reply shoulñd be recognized.
Blandón stated that his proposal mirrors that of the constitutional guarantees in the American Convention on Human Rights, and that these rights are incorporated in the Panamanian Constitution.


Hace 2 aos

este era el 'asesor' y titiritero tras el gordo vallarino...

Hace 2 aos

este era el 'asesor' y titiritero tras el gordo vallarino...
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