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In Veraguas, 864 students fail to start school year

Víctor Eliseo Rodríguez
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Especial para Rodríguez
Los niños tuvieron que ser atendidos en la cancha de baloncesto de la barriada Forestal, en donde los docentes en medio de la incomodidad se limitaron a entregar las mochilas.

The academic year in the province of Veraguas began erratically today for 864 elementary students at Romulus Arrocha School, who could not attend classes due to repairs being carried out by the Ministry of Education.

27/02/2012 - The children were kept at a basketball court outside the school and watched by teachers. The students were given backpacks and school vouchers and then sent home.

The school is closed due to the removal of bat guano and fiberglass insulation.

Starting tomorrow, the students will attend classes in surrounding churches and community buildings so they do not fall behind in their academic work.
Education official Rodrigo Andrade urged parents to have patience, and said the ministry is trying to fix the problems as quickly as possible.

Classes were also cancelled in areas of the Comarca Ngäbe-Buglé due to protests over mining and hydro reforms.


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