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Unions unsure of wage proposal

Anuncio de Martinelli
El presidente Ricardo Martinelli y autoridades educativas realizaron ayer, viernes, el anuncio del alza salarial a los docentes.

22/02/2014 - The Ministry of Education today explained its plan to raise teacher wages by $900 over the next six years.

The ministry explained that it is seeking to "renew" the status of teaching, which in turn will lead to an improvement of the educational system.

The entity also clarified that there is no risk of privatization, and that it is a program of educational improvement.

But teacher's unions have questioned to decision to spread out the wage increase into the administrations of future governments.


During the announcement of the wage increase yesterday, Minister Lucy Molinar said that the wage adjustment will be effective when each of the schools comply with a self-assessment and submit an improvement plan to the entity.

Union leader Diógenes Sánchez said this means that the ministry "must deliver us a black and white document explaining the accreditation process and what the evaluation criteria are."

Sánchez remarked that educators may not agree with the process that is being considered by the ministry, especially since not all the teachers will see the $900 raises, and none will if the commitment is not followed by future governments.

"There is no guarantee that promises will be fulfilled," he said.


Sánchez said that uions will meet tomorrow to evaluate the announcement.

While there are no plans to delay the start of the school year, the unions intend to keep communicating with the ministry over the proposal with the aim of reaching a consensus. The academic year will start on Feb. 24.



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