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Martinelli attacks 'La Prensa'

LA PRENSA/Eric Batista
Hoy, 2 de enero de 2012, se dio inicio a la segunda legislatura del tercer periodo ordinario en la Asamblea Nacional.

02/01/2012 - The president of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli attacked the media today Jan. 2, and with a news paper in his hand he questioned the work La Prensa is carrying out, in front of the legislative plenary.

The head of state dedicated great part of his speech in assuring that his government has been a victim from media attacks.

In two occasions, Martinelli, who had addressed to the plenary for 40 minutes, raised the newspaper with his hand in order to question the headlines published by La Prensa regarding the Latin American economic growth. He said such story should have had another title.

“The media don’t care, they just care about bad news” he said.


They thought we were going to give up, and that minister by minister would resign. Since they did not defeat us, they messed with our families. They are a bunch of cowards and “they fill their mouths talking about institutionalism”, said the president.

However, the Panamanian head of state did not mention the corruption scandals which were precisely known during these last six months of his administration. He did not talk about the crisis within the National Land Administration Authority (Anati) or the alleged irregular sale of land over coast areas.

He did not entered into details about the scandal for the purchase of radars, for which even former president of Panama, Martín Torrijos requested a serious investigation.

“They have made quite a scandal for the radars subject”, said Martinelli.

The president also said to the political opposition not to swallow false scandals hook, line and sinker; since politicians from opposition have made strong questionings to the government’s administration and have reiterated deep investigations should be made.


“The media are not justice courts”, said the head of state. We know how the difference between constructive and personal criticism, he said.

Martinelli assured that “we are punting our gloves on” from now. He said such gloves will guarantee a better life for Panamanians and to continue promoting government projects.

He also assured they will continue looking out for funds in order to develop such projects. He said that “we reached into businessmen’s pockets and they will not forgive us that”.


During his speech - were he mentioned the achievements of his administration such as the increase of the minimum wage; the construction of roads; the support to sports and tourism, and transportation and education transformation –, the head of state also addressed to his cabinet members.

Looking at every one of the ministers from the podium where he was standing, the president said “the attacks [against us] will continue”.

Martinelli also said the freedom of speech is above the honor of our families. “I ask you to unite and support ourselves … we must stick together because the media will continue their attacks”.

At the end of his speech he said “I’m happy, this New Year is beginning and we are doing an excellent job. I’m an eternal optimistic and there is no obstacle we cannot defeat”.

More information tomorrow in La Prensa 

O. Mendez Pereira
Hace 3 aos

Creo que Eisenman debe defenderse. Martinelli lo ha llamado de todo, no tuvo que decir su nombre pero al hablar de los medios de comunicación, de la evasión de impuestos, de que eso es corrupción, de que eso es robar, que eso deberia merecer cárcel. Ajooo le dió duro. Sr. Eisenman va a tener que defenderse. Este discurso fué una indirecta muy directa.

Vamos Bien
Hace 3 aos

Uso la palabra persecución, vientos de malos tiempos en este año; los ataques se van a acentuar.

Edgardo V
Hace 3 aos

Una mentira detras de otra, Martinelli cancaneo varias veces y se lleno la boca de orgullo por sus valientes ministros...

Hace 3 aos

creo que sus allegados ya le han dicho que no hable, cada vez que lo hace deja mucho que decir.... lo siento senior presidente, su forma de actuar carece de estilo y altura, es un dime que te dire y su contestacion debiera ser con sus actos...y no con contraataques....y asi les callaria la boca pero hace las cosas para que le den mas duro.....
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