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UP expanding programs

Los que estén interesados en continuar sus estudios, tendrán hasta el próximo18 de octubre cuando cierra el proceso de inscripción.

01/09/2013 - With an eye on educational excellence, the University of Panam is carrying out a process of curriculum transformation that includes the renovation of 55 curriculums and the introduction of new programs.

Several years ago the UP started the process, said Miguel Angel Candanedo, secretary general of the UP.

He added that the changes have been based on studies of the labor market to ensure that "our careers are not anachronistic."

At least 25 new programs are being offered in tourism, medicine, science, communication, engineering and technology.


The engineering department is new, offering courses in 12 programs, such as civil engineering, industrial engineering, engineering audit and management processes, mechatronics and engineering in risk prevention, safety and environment.

The programs last four to five years and guarantees that the student, after completing all courses, will be fluent in English and information and communication technologies.

The school is also transitioning from semester courses to three-month courses. The engineering programs will cover three cycles of 16 weeks per year, with a holiday period fixed from December 16 to January 15.


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