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PP hopes for VP slot

16/07/2013 - Members of the Partido Popular (PP) not only aim to seal the electoral alliance with the Panameñista party in a National Congress which will take place on Aug. 25, they will also seek to choose a potential vice presidential candidate.

Party President Milton Henríquez is the most likely choice. He was the one who spearheaded the decision to break the Alliance with the PRD after the 2009 election.

PP Vice President Carlos González De la Lastra said that it would be a "triumph" for the alliance if Henriquez was selected, because in his view, he is prepared and has the tools to be vice president.

Meanwhile, internally the PP continues to deal with opponents of the Alliance who want the party to go back with the PRD. The party is considering expelling these members, who include some of the senior officials.


Those members, who are calling themselves Verdes por Panamá, said that thei will announce next week whether or not they will remain in the party.

They said if they leave, they will be independents and not join another group.

Aníbal Culiolis, who heads the group formed by some of the founders of the party, said that they have to make three decisions, namely: the candidate whom they will support, if they will participate in the party congress and if they will resign from the party.

"It is a discussion which is going forward," Culiolis said. "If we give up our party we will not sign with another."

The group has initially supported PRD candidate Juan Carlos Navarro.



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