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Camacho says electoral ethics pact is dead

El pacto ético electoral se firmó el 6 de marzo de 2013.

23/07/2013 - Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry and CD member Luis Eduardo Camacho today regretted that the Commission of Justice and Peace, arbiter of the electoral ethics pact, rejected the complaint he filed against the opposition PRD.

"It is a mockery," said Camacho.

According to Camacho, there has been no willingness to follow the pact on the part of those who have signed it, which does not include the CD.

He said this is proved by the rejection of his complaint, saying that the pact has been trampled.

"It has become a dead letter," he added.

Maribel Jaén, of the Commission of Justice and Peace, emphasized that, in reaching its decision, it again urged the CD to sign the pact.

Jaén explained that the complaints received by the commission are studied by lawyers who make the determination if they are valid or not.

Jaén added that the pact aims to promote a culture where politics is the art of living together.

"The pact is aimed at breaking the patronage system and moving on to a real democracy and participatory culture," Jaén said.

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