Ministry official detained in Tonosí irrigation case

The third anti-corruption prosecutor has ordered the preventive detention of Ministry of Economy and Finance official Aurelio Mejía and two others in connection with the failed irrigation project in Tonosí that was awarded to Hidalgo & Hidalgo for $155 million.

The ministry reported that Mejia will be separated from his post. He will be replaced by Oliver Serrano.

Sources of the Public Prosecutor's Office confirmed that Prosecutor Zuleyka Moore ordered the arrest of Mejia, who allegedly received checks related to transactions for the execution of the contract, Tuesday night.

Mejia was questioned Wednesday afternoon, after which he was detained. That day prosecutors also questioned Juan Moreno and Luis González, who have also been detained.

Prosecutors allege that the company paid millions of dollars in kickbacks. In addition to the latest arrests, Moore has also charged former Vice President Felipe “Pipo” Virzi, former CD deputy candidate Porfirio “Bolita” Ellis, former ministers of Agriculture Emilio Kieswetter and Óscar Osorio, and H & H executive Marco Alban, among others.

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