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Comptroller inspects Ciudad de la Salud

Comptroller Federico Humbert this morning inspected the Cuidad de la Salud project in Ancón, which has been plagued with problems. Humbert said that Spanish company FCC has started to demolish the ...

Comptroller maintains spending controls

The comptroller will maintain controls on spending that have been put in place during the current administration.Yesterday, Comptroller Federico Humbert made it clear that he "has not lifted ...

Comptroller ratifies decision to prohibit alternate deputies from holding other state jobs

The comptroller has ratified its decision to prohibit alternate deputies from also holding state jobs while in office.Comptroller Federico Humbert has sent a letter to National Assembly President ...

Audit detects irregularities in purchase of backpacks

An audit by the comptroller has found that the state lost more than $14 million in the purchase of backpacks through the National Assistance Program (PAN).The audit was delivered June 11 to the ...

Five former ministers being investigated in helicopter case

A report by the comptroller has implicated five former ministers in irregularities connected to the rental of helicopters during the administration of Ricardo Martinelli.The report also implicates ...

Audit reveals irregularities in purchase of spy equipment

An audit of the purchase of surveillance equipment during the previous administration by the Social Investment Fund, which later became the National Assistance program (PAN), has found a lack of ...

Comptroller: PAN cost state $33.2 million in cost overruns

The Comptroller General has determined the "economic damage" to the state in the purchase of dehydrated food by the National Aid Program (PAN) was $33.2 million.A report also found "countless ...

Former comptroller to be investigated

Former Comptroller Gioconda Torres de Bianchini is facing a second investigation of irregularities in contracts related to the National Assistance Program (PAN).This investigation, being conducted ...

Comptroller: Molinar failed to verify contracts

Experts of the Office of the Comptroller have filed a report which establishes that former Minister of Education Lucy Molinar did not comply with regulations in the purchase of $45 million in food ...

Ferrufino appears before comptroller

Former Minister of Social Development Guillermo Ferrufino went this afternoon to the Office of the Comptroller to be officially notified of the investigation into his acquisition of real estate ...

Comptroller disbands special unit

Comptroller Federico Humbert said that he has disbanded the Central Financing Unit created by his predecessor, Gioconda Torres de Bianchini, specifically to approve controversial contracts issued ...

Comptroller, Court of Auditors prosecutor meet

Comptroller Federico Humbert and Court of Auditors Prosecutor Guido Rodríguez held a meeting today to "coordinate their work teams" to "join forces in the fight against the scourge of ...

Questions raised about Assembly consultants

Discussions about the expenditures on consultants in the National Assembly between 2009 and early 2014 has become a taboo subject. No one wants to say how much was spent or who received the ...

Deputy comptroller promises to recover stolen state funds

New Deputy Comptroller Nitzia Villarreal said today that one of the first tasks that the institution faces is to collaborate with the Public Ministry in the investigation being conducted into ...

Humbert sworn in as comptroller

Federico Humbert was sworn into office today as comptroller at the opening of the first regular session of the National Assembly of the year.Nitzia Villarreal was sworn in as deputy ...

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