Ministry Of Education

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Students and English teacher head abroad

About 63 English teachers and students have been sent to the United Kingdom and the United States as part of the Bilingual Panama Program being overseen by the Ministry of Education.Over the ...

Classes fully resume at National Institute

Classes fully resumed at the National Institute today after having been suspended July 7 due to a riot that resulted in serious injuries to two students and a teacher.Classes had partially resumed ...

Ministry says 18,000 student failed in 2014

About 18,000 students registered failing grades during the 2014 school year, the Ministry of Education has reported.The majority were in Panama, San Miguelito and La Chorrera.The number has ...

Changes proposed to university accreditation process

The process of evaluation and accreditation of universities operating in the country would have new rules.The Committee on Education, Culture and Sports of the National Assembly has accepted a ...

Education supervisors in La Chorrera declare strike

Regional educational supervisors in La Chorrera today called a strike demanding salary increases and less overcrowding in administrative offices.Supervisor Esther Torres said that after nine ...

Opening of José Remón Cantera School to be evaluated

Tomorrow, education officials could set a date for the reopening of the José Remón Cantera School on Via Israel.The Ministry of Education reported that a final inspection of the renovation work ...

Schools in disrepair

At least 80 of 134 schools in Panama City have structural problems caused by the passage of time and lack of preventive maintenance.Panama City Regional Educational Director Federico Castro said ...

Classes begin at Parita Education Center

Following a health inspection conducted Sunday, officials of the Department of Environmental Sanitation of the Herrera Regional Health Department allowed the resumption of classes at the Parita ...

Assembly summons minister to update on state of schools

The plenary of the National Assembly approved today a proposal to summon Minister of Education Marcela Paredes to detail the state of the public schools in the country.The proposal was put forward ...

Ministry postpones bidding on school supplies

The Ministry of Education has postponed the bidding for the $8.8 million contract to provide school supplies scheduled for March 5.The bidding was postponed at the request of the companies ...

Molinar appears before prosecutors

Former Minister of Education Lucy Molinar appeared before anti-corruption prosecutors Thursday to answer questions about irregularities in contracts issued by the National Assistance Program (PAN) ...

Ministry plans to build technical institute in Tocumen

The Ministry of Education has selected Tocumen as the site where it will build the first of five planned technical training institutes. The training center will offer two-year programs. Minister ...

Assembly looks to reinstate course on U.S.-Panama relations

The National Assembly will debate a law that would re-establish a mandatory course in public schools focused on U.S.-Panama relations.The course had been approved in 1963, but was ended by a law ...

Prosecutors inspect offices of Education Ministry

Prosecutors yesterday conducted an inspection of administrative offices of the Ministry of Education as part of their investigation into irregularities in the purchase of backpacks.Former Minister ...

Former minister to face corruption charges

Former Minister of Education Lucy Molinar (2009-2014) will be charged with embezzlement, corruption and fraud in connection with alleged cost overruns in the purchase of backpacks for students ...

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