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Nursing technicians declare strike

Nursing technicians declared a work stoppage today to demand a wage increase from health authorities.This morning, a group of technicians protested on Via Transístmica, opposite the Social ...

Cyclists demand respect

Cyclists from Veraguas, Coclé, Los Santos and Herrera yesterday conducted a demonstration on the Pan-American Highway in Divisa to demand respect from motorists.The protesters, escorted by members ...

Injuries reported during protest at the National Institute

A teacher and a student of the National Institute were injured this morning during a protest.The teacher was injured in the arm, while the student was wounded in the back.Education Director Mario ...

Protest closes Vía Transístmica

A group of university students and teachers from the regional center of the University of Panama (UP) in the District of San Miguelito closed Vía Transmística for half an hour this evening, ...

Metro Bus operators schedule protest

A protest is scheduled for 5 a.m. Monday by Metro Bus operators in the operations courtyard of Mi Bus, located in La Doña.The protest was confirmed by union leader Lenín Vargas. Vargas said ...

Police arrest 16 Canal workers at protest

About 16 employees of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) were arrested by police when they tried to close the road in Los Cuatro Altos this morning.The protest was announced last night on social ...

Canal workers close road in Colón

A group of workers of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) closed Vía Transístmica in Colón.The protest began at 7 a.m.The complainants burned tires in the middle of the road demanding better working ...

Protest held in Pacora over lack of water

Residents of Cabra, in Pacora, closed the main road in the sector this morning to protest the two-month water outage in the community.The complainants stated that they have already held talks with ...

Protesters demand water service in La Chorrera

Residents of El Arado in La Chorrera closed streets in the community today to demand water service.They said they have been waiting for more than 10 years for service to be extended to their ...

Lack of water leads to protest in Los Santos

A group of inhabitants of Guararé Arriba, Los Santos closed the main road in the community due to a lack of water that has been ongoing for a number of weeks.Resident Armando Cedeño said that they ...

Onion farmers protest in Volcán, Chiriquí

Some 150 onion producers protested today in Volcán, Chiriquí, against imports that they say are undermining their livelihoods.The protesters closed the principal street in the community and called ...

Protest closes highway

A group of squatters closed the Pan-American Highway at 3 a.m. today at the entrance of Chepo.The squatters are currently living in a sector of Las Margaritas, and are demanding the government ...

Loggers hold protest in Tortí

This morning, a group of loggers closed the main road in Torti, Chepo.They are demanding the government issue them permits so they can continue working.The protest has blocked traffic in the area. ...

Protesters close bridge over Changuinola River

About 80 protesters closed the bridge over the Changuinola River Bocas del Toro today to demand pensions promised by the goverment.The pensions were to be paid from the National Assistance Program ...

Protest planned to denounce shooting in France

The National Council of Journalists (CNP) will hold a protest Monday in the French Plaza in Casco Antiguo to denounce yesterday's shooting by Muslim extremists at the Paris-based newspaper Charlie ...

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