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Security Council ordered detention of dissidents

A government source has confirmed that the temporary detention and interrogation of Cuban dissident Rosa María Payá at Tocumen International Airport Sunday who were coming to Panama for the Summit ...

Garuz and Pérez called to trial

Prosecutors have called former Security Council executive secretaries Alejandro Garúz and Gustavo Pérez to trial for offenses related to the alleged illegal surveillance carried out by the ...

Investigation requested into alleged spying on former president

National Security Council Executive Secretary Rolando Lopez has asked the Attorney General to investigate claims that the agency is conducting illegal surveillance of former President Ricardo ...

Prosecutors have interviewed 44 victims of illegal wiretaps

Prosecutors today confirmed that, to date, 44 victims of illegal wiretaps during the government of Ricardo Martinelli have given statements.There are an estimated 150 victims.According to the ...

Garúz taken to hearing on 2013 incident

Former Security Council Executive Secretary Alejandro Garúz was transported from La Gran Joya prison this morning to attend a hearing on a June 2013 incident involving a journalist.The transfer ...

'Martinelli is responsible': Arosemena de Troitiño

Former President Ricardo Martinelli should be held accountable for the illegal surveillance that took place during his administration.This is the view of former Supreme Court Justice Esmeralda ...

Pérez and Garuz remain in custody

Former Security Council general secretaries Gustavo Pérez and Alejandro Garuz remain in custody today after undergoing questoining yesterday by prosecutors over alleged illegal surveillance ...

Prosecutors interview Pérez

For two hours, former National Security Council Secretary Gustavo Pérez was interviewed by prosecutors today investigating the illegal monitoring of phone conversations and electronic ...

Witness says Gustavo Pérez knew about spy equipment

A protected witness said today that the former secretary of the National Security Council, Gustavo Pérez, who served in the government of former President Ricardo Martinelli, acquired equipment to ...

Cost overruns reported in purchase of spy equipment

Israeli espionage equipment acquired by the government of Ricardo Martinelli in mid-2010 for $13.5 million was worth only $2 million, said sources of the Security Council, which is investigating ...

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CLIMA Huracán Humberto se fortalece hasta categoría 3

Imagen satelital del huracán Humberto. Imagen satelital del huracán Humberto.
Imagen satelital del huracán Humberto. AFP

El huracán Humberto se fortaleció hasta alcanzar la categoría 3 el martes por la noche y se espera que pase cerca de Bermudas, ...

ASAMBLEA NACIONAL Aprobado en tercer debate la reforma de la ley intereses preferenciales

Aprobación del proyecto de ley que modifica los intereses preferenciales. Aprobación del proyecto de ley que modifica los intereses preferenciales.
Aprobación del proyecto de ley que modifica los intereses preferenciales. Pastor Morales

El proyecto que establece nuevos incentivos a la Ley de intereses preferenciales en el sector de la construcción, ...

Administración Pleno ratifica a Guillermo Torres y Luz González en el Idaan

Guillermo Torres (cent.) Guillermo Torres (cent.)
Guillermo Torres (cent.) Pastor Morales

El pleno de la Asamblea Nacional ratificó la noche de este martes 17 de septiembre la designación de Guillermo Torres y Luz ...