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Odebrecht /
Fondos para coimas, secuestrados

Cuantiosos fondos de la empresa brasileña Odebrecht, depositados en la banca suiza para el pago de sobornos en Brasil y en otra decena de países –incluido Panamá– han sido secuestrados por las ...

Agency to auction seized properties

The Ministry of Economy and Finance is planning to auction properties it has seized in connection with corruption investigations in February.The properties are linked to past government officials, ...

Thirteen arrested in judicial corruption sweep

Prosecutors yesterday arrested 13 judicial officers and others linked to a network in which defendants paid bribes to avoid prosecution or get out of jail.The probe focused on the Second Superior ...

Court to name replacement for Benavides

The Supreme Court will meet tomorrow to appoint Nelly Cedeño to replace Victor Benavides, who resigned last week.Cedeño, who is the alternate of Benavides, will serve until a permanent replacement ...

Ford ordered not to leave the country

After more than eight hours of questioning today, former Minister of Public Works Jaime Ford was released but told not to leave the country. He must report to authorities on the 15th and 30th of ...

Motions submitted by Cucalón's lawyers denied

The First Criminal Court has denied two appeals filed by lawyers for former General Department of Revenue (DIG) Director Luis Cucalón related to the complaint he faces for the contract he signed ...

Bank accounts of defendants in PAN case mostly empty

A month after the Court of Auditors authorized the seizure of accounts of defendants in the case involving the purchase of $45 million of dehydrated food by the National Aid Program (PAN), ...

Criminal process begins for Ricardo Martinelli

The Tribunal Electoral (TE) will notify the Supreme Court Wednesday of its decision to suspend the immunity of former President Ricardo Martinelli (2009-2014).That marks the beginning of the ...

Probe opened into tear gas´purchases

The second anti-corruption prosecutor has opened an investigation to determine if there were cost overruns in contracts signed by the last government for the purchase of $24 million in tear gas ...

Corruption confirmed in Panama

The First Criminal Court of Naples - presided over by judges Francesco Pellecchia, Stefania Daniele and Diana Bottillo - has confirmed that businessman Valter Lavítola demanded a bribe from the ...

Video showing ex-mayor taking bribes under scrutiny

The Assistant Prosecutor's Office is analyzing the video in which former Panama City Mayor Bosco Vallarino is seen taking a bribe in exchange for the awarding of a contract to build an underground ...

Ignacio Fábrega is dangerous: prosecutor

The third anti-corruption prosecutor investigating former Superintendency of Securities Director Ignacio Fábrega on corruption charges has described the ex-officials as "dangerous."Prosecutor ...

Juan Carlos Marciaga to appear before prosecutors

Businessman Juan Carlos Marciaga will return to the offices of the fourth anti-corruption prosecutor Monday to continue answering questions about alleged irregularities in contracts he received ...

Guillermo Ferrufino to be interviewed over helicopter rentals

Former Minister of Social Development Guillermo Ferrufino was brought before anti-corruption prosecutors today accompanied by his lawyers.Ferrufino arrived at the office at 8:05 a.m. He did not ...

Molinar appears before prosecutors

Former Minister of Education Lucy Molinar appeared before anti-corruption prosecutors Thursday to answer questions about irregularities in contracts issued by the National Assistance Program (PAN) ...

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EL PRESIDENTE TIENE CINCO HIJOS Donald Trump es abuelo por décima vez

Eric y Lara Trump junto a sus hijos Eric Luke y Carolina. Eric y Lara Trump junto a sus hijos Eric Luke y Carolina.
Eric y Lara Trump junto a sus hijos Eric Luke y Carolina.

El presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, se convirtió en abuelo por décima vez después de que la esposa de su hijo Eric, ...

Diferencias con aliados Giuseppe Conte anuncia que dimitirá como primer ministro de Italia

Giuseppe Conte (Izq.). Giuseppe Conte (Izq.).
Giuseppe Conte (Izq.). AFP

El primer ministro Giuseppe Conte anunció su renuncia al cargo de primer ministro de Italia tras comparecer este martes en el ...

TERRORISMO El Estado Islámico sigue siendo una amenaza, admite Pompeo

‘Hay lugares en los que ISIS es más poderoso hoy que hace tres o cuatro años’, admitió Pompeo. ‘Hay lugares en los que ISIS es más poderoso hoy que hace tres o cuatro años’, admitió Pompeo.
‘Hay lugares en los que ISIS es más poderoso hoy que hace tres o cuatro años’, admitió Pompeo. AFP

El grupo yihadista Estado Islámico (EI) sigue siendo una amenaza en Siria e Irak, y en algunas áreas incluso ha ganado poder a ...