National Assembly

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Assembly begins extraordinary session

The extraordinary session of the National Assembly began this afternoon with the installation of the plenary.The only item on the agenda for the session are the appointments of Ángela Russo de ...

Court declares parts of shield law to be unconstitutional

In a unanimous vote, the plenum of the Supreme Court declared yesterday that parts of the shield law are unconstitutional.Specifically, the court ruled that the two-month deadline for conducting ...

Commission finishes discussion on articles of decentralization bill

The Committee on Municipal Affairs of the National Assembly Wednesday adopted 82 articles in the public administration decentralization bill.Starting today, the commission will begin to discuss ...

Assembly session cancelled

The meeting of the plenary of the National Assembly Monday was not held due to power outages at the new headquarters of the legislature.The problems were due to a fire at 10 a.m. in the ...

Assembly approves shield law changes on second debate

The plenary of the National Assembly last night approved on second debate the bill amending articles of the shield law, which regulates the investigation of deputies.The reforms state that ...

National Assembly session suspended

Due to a lack of a quorum, Tuesday's meeting of the National Assembly was suspended, delaying a request for a hearing on the expansion of hydroelectric projects with Minister of the Environment ...

Assembly to debate law regulating tips

The National Assembly's Committee on Trade and Economic Affairs has approved a bill on first reading which prohibits the inclusion of a tip within bills issued by restaurants.According to article ...

Four entities present requests for budget transfers

Four government institutions presented requests for item transfers today before the Budget Commission of the National Assembly.The entities that submitted the requests were the Ministry of Economy ...

Assembly committee chairs sworn in

The majority of the chairs of the standing committees of the National Assembly were sworn in today by legislative President Rubén De León.In total, 11 of the 15 chairs attended the event."We want ...

Legislative alliance signed

Dissident members of the PRD and CD signed a legislative agreement yesterday with the Panameñistas and Partido Popular which includes the discussion of 10 proposed laws.The pact was signed by PRD ...

PRD-CD form legislative alliance

The Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), which last night terminated its legislative alliance with the Panameñistas, have preliminarily agreed to an alliance with a faction of the Democratic ...

Valderrama says court will decide salary issue

The Supreme Court is the authority responsible for deciding if alternate deputies can hold a second job with the state, National Assembly President Adolfo Valderrama said today.He made this ...

Complaint against Benavides arrives to Assembly

The complaint against Supreme Court Judge Victor Benavides has advanced to the plenary of the National Assembly.The Credentials Committee has agreed to meet next Monday to choose three judges for ...

Credentials Committee has 44 complaints to resolve

The Credentials Committee of the National Assembly convened a session today to handle the 44 outstanding complaints against judges.To date, the committee has heard 16 cases and admitted one of ...

Commission to meet Wednesday

The National Assembly's Credentials Committee will meet Wednesday to review the 59 pending complaints against judges.This was announced by Committee Vice President Katleen Levy, who is acting on ...

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